Monday, 4 November 2013

Marvellous news: The Marvel Room opens its doors!

The spectacle of the Christmas lights being switched on in Dublin's Grafton street every year- by whatever Irish 'celebrity' who happens to be in vogue at that moment in time, is always an occasion to behold. The moment that the twinkling, artistically moulded fairy lights resembling magical chandeliers flicker to life, was the moment when Christmas as I knew it, began. This annual seasonal event, steeped in memories and tradition could never be surpassed, and it's status as the 'gong' that sounded Christmas' imminent arrival was an unrivalled given, set in stone and to be forever respected and revered- or so I thought! Then the Marvel Room arrived on the scene. Like a delicious dessert placed in front of you when you're on a diet- or a shockingly handsome guy asking you out when you're 'on a break from guys', I was powerless to resist it's charms!
Jo Malone Christmas Trousseau

The Marvel Room in elegant Irish department store, Brown Thomas first opened its magical doors to mortals three years ago. This Narnia-like land is full to the brim of carefully chosen, beautifully displayed unique lotions and potions, trinkets and treasures- as well as exclusive designer pieces from internationally renowned fashion houses like Gucci, Prada and Chanel. Each of the four Brown Thomas stores- in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway houses it's own exclusive Marvel Room, with a hoard of unique treasure within, waiting to be discovered.

Frends headphones
The whole concept of the Marvel Room was the brainchild of super stylish, creative Brown Thomas fashion director, Shelly Corkery, who with the Brown Thomas buyers have sourced the most stunning collection of limited edition products, and brokered exclusive collaborations with top design houses to create 'one off' creations exclusive to the Marvel Room at Brown Thomas.
Karon Jacobson earrings

I'll admit that I was completely bedazzled when I initially entered the Marvel Room in Brown Thomas, on Dublin's Grafton street. When I eventually gathered my faculties and reapplied my lipstick, I quickly began the business of marvelling, softly sighing, and casting long lustful looks at the luxurious treasures- coyly lounging on the shelves, enjoying all the compliments and attention! The black and white box clutch bag by Tom Ford with statement ring detail quickly caught my wandering eye- a cool e1,275 if you're feeling flush! The super cute Alice and Olivia shoes- embellished with a cat face on the toes, and the gorgeous Erdem printed scarves at e295 each, also captured my attention. This duo are guaranteed to light up a winter wardrobe- or the face of a loved one with a smile, in a flash.
Tom Ford Clutch bag

Colour in the face of super model of the moment, Cara Delavigne with the Cara Delavigne Colouring Book- a fashionable snip at e10, or go for broke, and splash out on the stunning diamond and ruby encrusted Karon Jacobson tassel neckpiece at a cool   e11, 000! It's a pretty safe bet that every women who loves jewellery, loves Tiffany's, so for all the guys wondering what to buy their nearest and dearest, drop in to the Tiffany's counter in Brown Thomas, Grafton street and ask for the Paloma Picasso for Tiffany's necklace- exclusively designed for Brown Thomas- and available to purchase nowhere else in the world!
Natasha Sherling jewellery

Other marvels worth checking out include the achingly stylish Frends headphones in eye-catching rose-gold and white- a high-tech investment guaranteeing style and street cred (and whatever else you're having!) as you bop about town. Prada's gorgeous geometric print iPad case, exlcusive to the Marvel Room will go down a treat- as will Jo Malone's Christmas Collection Trousseau, a luxurious brand synonymous with quality and 'slip down beneath the bubbles' decadance.
Erdem Scarves

I was impressed to note that Brown Thomas hadn't omitted an Irish presence in the glamorous folds of the Marvel Room. Luxurious 100% cashmere scarves by Irish label, KDK, Irish jeweller and gemmologist, Natasha Sherling's bespoke collection- and internationally renowned Irish designer, Louise Kennedy's debut signature fragrance, Louise Kennedy Eau de Parfum, are just a taste of the Irish marvels on offer.

Cara Delavigne Colouring Book
Some forward planning is always a good thing, I maintain- paying you priceless dividends in the long run! A natty little gadget to keep your boyfriend, brothers or the kids occupied- and you from going insane is always wise to keep parcelled up and to hand, should events start to get out of hand. The latest 'toy for big boys'- the WiFi Spy Tank, e125  and available from the Marvel Room, is the ideal candidate for this most important role. This cool WiFi controlled gizmo is the epitome of James Bond style techno-wizardry, allowing you to a sneaky peek at whatever is in its view- and pretty much guaranteed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for the guys in your life, when cabin fever rears its ugly head over the festive season.

Louise Kennedy Fragrance

The Marvel Room is a relatively new phenomena on the Irish retail scene-and while it can verge on the expensive side of gifting, there is a superb choice and price range of potential gifts on offer. It is certainly well worth checking out- speaking as a seasoned and discerning shopper! The opulent setting of Brown Thomas, as well as the range of unusual and exclusive items on offer, make it a great starting point at which to begin your Christmas shopping. Soak up the luxurious, stress free atmosphere as you shop, and ease into the festive spirit. The Christmas lights will be switched on in Grafton street (my now second favourite pre Christmas event!) on November 14th, when at the strike of 6 o'clock the street will be illuminated into a winter wonderland- complementing the magic of Brown Thomas and the Marvel Room perfectly. Let the shopping begin!

WiFi Spy Tank

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