Saturday, 30 November 2013

Weekly Style Edit: Sparkle and Charm!

Handbeaded neckpieces from e90 by Marion Murphy- Cooney,
The Design Atelier, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
The rapid, slightly disconcerting evaporation of dull, dreary November into thin air is no great tragedy or loss- especially to the fashion-loving women of this island. So bring on Christmas, packed full of excuses to dress up and sparkle and shine! It's time to start planning your festive wardrobe and settling on what's a savvy splurge or cash-splashing moment. So check out my top style picks for this week and weave them into your wardrobe to add some stylish magic.
Jumpsuit by AQAQ from Divine boutique

It's always a worthwhile exercise to venture into the depths of your existing wardrobe and carry out at least a quick assessment (or a clearout if you're in the mood!) before you hit the town for some festive fashion fixes. This little procedure- which admittedly, is a kind of boring, painstaking task, will pay you dividends in the long run, and will take you an hour at most to do. You'll quickly realise what you lack and what you could set up a shop with and sell- and that in itself will save you a lot of time and bother when shopping. This is also a good opportunity to audit your wardrobe for basics which are fundamental to every wardrobe. When I say 'basics', I don't just refer to socks, tights and quality well-fitting underwear- it goes without saying that these are vital wardrobe elements, I think! I also factor in items like the perfect pair of jeans and black trousers, white shirt, black t-shirts, white t-shirts, a pair of black dressy courts, a classic pair of ankle/ Chelsea boots, a simple, a quality tote in a neutral hue such as tan or black and the ubiquitous winter coat which covers a multitude- and which you can just throw on in a hurry and look stylish in a flash! Who's to know what sort of confection is going on underneath? Just pray that the central heating isn't turned up to it's zenith wherever it is you were dragged out to at the last minute- or you may well get a headstart on the turkey, and start to cook!

Dress from AQAQ from Divine boutique

Thomas Sabo rose quartz pendant from e318

Tommy Hilfiger Jordan Cool Sport e169

Check out the fabulous finds which I've dug out from the mire for you from fabulous Irish designer, Marion Murphy- Cooney, a treasure trove of wallet-friendly looks from on-trend brand,, some preppy all-American classics from Tommy Hilfiger, luxuriously pretty jewellery from Thomas Sabo, stylish coats from Bastyan, fit-for-a-princess charm bracelets from Pandora- and dresses to die for from the aptly named Divine boutique in Kildare, among other style swag chosen by me to inspire a successfully stylish December and New Year!
Thomas Sabo heamatite, quartz and pearl charm bracelet

Outfit from

Pandora Silver Snowflake charm e55

Tommy Hilfiger Tinsley clutch e160

                                     Coats from Bastyan

Thomas Sabo rose gold feather-wing bracelet e198

Thomas Sabo rose quartz ring e179
Thomas Sabo rose gold feather earrings e259

Monochrome dress from
Sheer black top from

Tommy Hilfiger Chelsea boots, e159.90
Tommy Hilfiger boots, e199.90

* Tommy Hilfiger, Pandora jewellery, Bastyan clothing and Thomas Sabo jewellery are available from stockists nationwide. Marion Murphy- Cooney handbeaded neckpieces, her debut ready-to-wear collection- MMC and her exclusive made-to-measure service are available from Marion Murphy- Cooney, The Design Atelier, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary and selected boutiques nationwide. See for details. For further information on all pieces from Divine boutique, Manor Mills shopping centre, Maynooth, Co. Kildare- or to purchase online, see

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