Saturday, 9 November 2013

Star Buy of the Week: Pink and grey panelled blouse

Blouse from Penney's, e11

The presence of some ladylike blouses in your wardrobe is a must this season- adding instant elegance and refinement to whatever you choose to wear. A versatile piece, the blouse can be paired with a pretty midi or skater skirt- or equally happily married off to a a sharp form-fitting pencil skirt or a stylish pair of skinnies.

Essentially this classic wardrobe must-have will take you anywhere- and from day to night in a instant. Just add a sparkling statement necklace or some cool earrings- a spritz of your favourite fragrance (Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is my personal favourite at the moment!), a touch of 'je ne sais quoi' and a slick of rouge- and you're good to go.

A beautiful blouse in your wardrobe's artillery is the key to pulling off chic, effortless style in less time that it takes to rustle up your favourite cocktail! So while your friends are pondering complicated clothing concoctions, and generally taking an eternity to get ready- you can sit back, relax and look pretty in your gorgeous, uncomplicated ensemble and sip on your cocktail- and all made possible by 'a big girl's blouse'!


* Me wearing the 'Star Buy' with sports luxe trousors from River Island, biker boots from New Look and statement necklace from Penney's

Personally, when it comes to selecting and investing in some desirable blouses (as opposed to the all too easy to find dowdy ones!), I favour a slightly vintage style and overall look. The blouse, although an extremely elegant wardrobe staple, has the potential to look a bit frumpy and can give the impression that you're channelling your granny's style- and not in a good way, if you get my drift! The key to conquering this conundrum and getting it right is either pairing your blouse with something quite modern- like a pair of skinny jeans, or going for a quirky, vintage look and teaming it with a swishy midi- skirt, some patent courts and a Chanel- style boucle jacket. The choice is yours- and there are endless hours of stylish fun to be extracted from this little gem.

My star by of the week this week is this gorgeous damask pink and dove grey panelled blouse from Penney's (Primark). This little beauty cost me all of e11 to buy, feels great on and will carry me elegantly through the winter season. It also comes in a monochrome combination which is right on trend currently- and of course I couldn't resist loving it, and taking it home with me too!

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